Custom Fitting

Custom club fitting is widely recognized by PGA Professionals and most high level players as an integral part of their performance on the course and a key component of their game improvement plan. Players of every level can benefit from custom fitting, and at MK Golf our desire is to provide the highest level of club fitting and customer service to all of our customers.

Using a state of the art Foresight GC Quad launch monitor, we carefully measure and calibrate the player’s swing dynamics and establish core swing characteristics. We then pair that data with the performance characteristics of select equipment to create a  unique club that will improve on-course  performance.  We explain the player’s swing in relation to the variations in golf club head geometry, design, and shaft profiles as a part of the club fitting process.  Based on sound golf swing fundamentals, we identify  fitness and swing issues that can influence the fitting process. Sometimes the problem the golfer is trying to fix with a new club is better addressed with golf lessons or fitness training, which we may recommend  before changing your clubs. Our goal is always to help the customer become a better golfer and to increase their enjoyment of the great game of golf.

• Driver Fittings
• Iron Fittings
• Wedge Fittings
• Putter Fitting
• Loft and lie adjustment
• Custom grinding – irons and wedges

All driver and iron fittings include use of the Foresight GC Quad launch monitor.