Shaft Profiling

Now that the USGA has limited the size, length, and COR (co-efficient of restitution) on today’s drivers, new avenues must be taken to enhance driver performance. The question arises on why Tiger has played a Diamana driver shaft, and why Luke Donald has played an Accra driver shaft. For the most part, shaft companies are not paying players to hit their shaft. So, why would one player choose one company’s shaft over another? The reason relates to the profile of individual shafts, and which profile best suits a player’s swing. Golfers do not all swing with the same tempo, release the club at the same point, or swing with the same swing speed. Therefore, we cannot all use the same profile of shaft. So how do we know which shaft will perform best for our swing?

The professionals at MK Golf are certified club fitters that have devoted many hours to shaft profiling and partnering with companies to perform shaft testing on new products.  Shaft profiling allows for a much closer look at how shafts perform under static load versus swing performance.  This is done by taking forty measurements in one inch increments from the tip of the shaft to the butt end of the club.  This work is done by the use of an EI profiling machine to determine the flexural rigidity of each shaft.  By using the profile machine, we can find out the butt, tip, and mid stiffness which allows us to see relative stiffness in each section of the shafts to better select which shaft curve fits each players swing characteristics.

Technology has made custom club fitting of golf clubs more important than ever before. Now the custom club fitter has the latest tools to make your game more consistent and enjoyable. If you choose to work with the professionals at MK Golf, you are allowing yourself a chance to improve the consistency in your game.


Smoothed Modulus of Elasticity Area Moment of Inertia Profiles