We Are the Pros

We are Level 10 Certified with the AGCP and  Winners of the 2009 AGCP Golf Technology Award for our work with shaft  profiling consistencies. The AGCP (Association of Golf Club fitting  professionals) is an educational organization that strives to train the  best club fitters and club builders in the world. It is the only organization that combines swing analysis into the making of custom-fit golf clubs.

At MK Golf club fitting is our passion. We use the latest high tech equipment and software – Flightscope 3D Doppler radar to track both the flight of the ball and the path and angles of the club head during the swing, and high speed video to help with shaft analysis.  We have transformed the process of club fitting into a precise personalized science that increases accuracy and improves on-course performance.

We have worked with all levels of golfers – from touring professionals to Class A PGA Members to  high school and college players, to juniors and average weekend golfers. Many of our customers are referred to us by local teaching pros and high school golf coaches.